Opinsys Oy

Changelog for the Opinsys Extra device image

## E1839 - Toowoomba {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2018-09-28-084935-i386}

* Only security updates

## E1832 - Sidney {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2018-08-07-064823-i386}

* Only security updates

## E1819 - Quilpie {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2018-05-09-120343-i386}

* Only security updates

## E1828 - Quilpie

* Only security updates

## E1808 - Perth

* Only security updates

## E1802 - Orange {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2018-01-12-120032-i386}
* Intel Meltdown fixed default kernel
* Fix LibreOffice crashbug when selecting File > Send

## E1745 - Melbourne {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-11-06-053809-i386}
* Update Skype
* Update Canon printer drivers
* Add Ankicards application

## E1747 - Newcastle {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-11-23-065916-i386}

* Always allow flash content on Google Chrome and Chromium
* Update Anki cards application
* Added dependencies for Chroregraphe application.

## E1740 - Launceston {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-10-05-140137-i386}
* Fix network homefolder access in case network is only available after

## E1733 - Kalgoorlie {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-08-14-074236-386}
* Add MarvinSketch molecule editor.
* Update Skype to version
* Fix laptop update script to work better when doing full image update.

## E1716 - Joondalup {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-04-24-063908-i386}
* Update LibreOffice to version 5.2.6
* Add mime type for racket files and open them with drracket by default
  when double clicked.

## E1712 - Ipswich {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-03-23-114330-i386}
* Update LibreOffice to version 5.2.5
* Update Geogebra to the newest version. This fixes some of the CAS functions that were
  broken in the previous version.
* Add Google Earth to Geography section in the subjects menu

## E1707 -  Horsham {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-02-15-083645-i386}
* Update Processing ide to version 3.3.
* Add Appinventor USB-host package
* Add android-tools-adb
* Add dependencies needed by Cura 3d printer software
* Add robotmeshconnect package needed by the Robotmesh programming ide and Chrome extension
* Add Mattermost client
* Fix flickering remote mount bookmarks in Nautilus

## E1704 -  Goulburn {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-01-25-115921-i386}
* Updated dr Racket IDE.

## E1701 - Fairfield {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2017-01-03-111942-i386}

* Added single-sign-on support to Chromium and Chrome browsers for Opinsys services.
* Added a workaround for Microsoft online services (Office 365 business/education)
  to prevent constant crasches and lags on Chromium ja Chrome browsers. The workaround
  is to install a User-Agent-swicher that sets the Operating system to appear as
  Google ChromeOS. This fixes the problem as Microsoft does not seem to like the word

## E1650 - Edgeworth {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2016-12-16-134517-i386}
* Fix adding user specific printers. Sometimes adding new printer on a laptop
  popped up a requester asking for root permissions. This issue is now fixed
  by removing cups-pk-helper package.
* Fix login failure on some fat clients with bad behaving Wlan accespoint. 
  Propably due to broken wlan hardware fatclient log files started to eat 
  all the free memory causing the device to crash. This issue is now solved.
* Update Adobe Flash to from version 11.2 to next generation

## E1645 - Darwin {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2016-11-10-090944-i386}

* Updated LibreOffice back to version 5.0.22. LibreOffice now uses kde4 libraries
  for the UI to fix the freezing ui bug. LibreOffice 5 is needed for better MS Office
  file format support.
* Updated Google Earth.
* Updated Geogebra.
* Update Ubuntu default kernels
* Add TI NSpire CAS calculator software. In order to use the software a personal license key is needed. 
  Using the key binds it to the computer hardware and username it is used at. To make it visible to the 
  menu you should use the tag/ennvironment variable ``ti_nspire_cx_cas``.
* Add Stopmotion animation software.
* Add support for Cisco VPN to the network manager.
* Add tag to blacklist bcmwl module (enables open source b43 driver on some devices): ``blacklist_bcmwl``.
* Fix Adobe Flash in Google Chrome for guest users.
* Fix updating date with rdate on network boot devices.

## E1633 - Brisbane {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2016-08-19-053925-i386}

* Fix laptop login at home networks. Due to certain home wlan routers and their dns handling, the login on a laptop
  could in a worst case take over five minutes. This problem should now be fixed.
* Downgrade LibreOffice back to version 4.2. LibreOffice versions 5.x had strange freezing bugs with Ubuntu 14.04.
  Bug did not disapper when updating to the newer versions of the software so therefore we had to downgrade it back
  to older and stable version.

## E1626 - Adelaide {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2016-06-29-081033-i386}

* Change the version naming to be more unified with other Opinsys device image releases
* Add feature to renew the device (laptop) sertificate automatically if it expires withing the next 6 months.
* Fix Dropbox by adding 64 bit dependencies. Missing dependencies could break the Dropbox automatic update if
  device was booted to 64 bit kernel.
* Make VLC as default player for mp3 and ogg audio files.
* Fix theme and GPU acceleration for 64 bit Chrome.
* Update Xorg Intel driver, Mesa and libvdpau2. (Adds support for f.ex. HP Probook 430 G3).
* Fix laptop update.
* Update Edge kernel to version 4.6.2
* Add new production kernel hwgen4 aka. kernel 4.5.7
* Add Mono environment
* Add html validators Tidy and Weblint.

## 16.09 - Omakone030 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-03-03-101933-i386}

* Make default Kernel 64 bit. System now runs in multiarch mode. The kernel is 64 bit and most of the applictions are
  32-bit. System recognizes the processor architecture at boot and selects the appropriate kernel. Architecture can
  also be defined per device with Puavo Kernel version setting. To do that write the kernel name with -i386 suffix.
* Google Chrome is now 64 bit as 32 bit version is not released anymore.
* Add icons to all availabe browsers to desktop panel.
* Add OpenJDK 8 and set is as default Java.

## 16.03 - Omakone029 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-01-21-135708-i386}

* Google Chrome starts reporting about unsupported 32 bit platform
* Update wpa-supplicant
* Add new Puavo tag to add calibration information about touchscreens.

## 15.50 - Omakone028 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-2015-12-10-083655-i386}

* Add five Source Sans pro fonts
* Add Teddy programming examples to Arduino Ide.
* Add Zumo robot examples to Arduino Ide.
* Fix slowness while opening the locked screen after laptop suspend.
* Add Kdump to collect logs at Kernel crash.
* Add packages: ``krita, smartmontools, x-tile, ginn, touchegg``
* Remove package sl

## 15.47 - Omakone027 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-2015-11-19-081044-i386}

* Fix Lenovo keyboard/sound volume keys bug. Sometime by pressing the volume down button
  the whole laptop could get jammed for a while. Bug has been now fixed.
* Add Python IDLE 3.4.
* Remove tabs from logout window.
* Add Mumble package.
* Blacklist ``yentasocket`` module by default.
* Starting system services can now be managed with Puavo tags.
* System setting and system version are now aded to logs during boot.
* Add hwgen3 kernel name for ``4.2.*`` kernels.
* Add tags to handle Lenovo sound key fix: ``force_release_keys``.
* Add Broadcom bcmwl module for Kernel 4.2.5.
* Fix login screen wallpaper randomizer tag.

## 15.45 - Omakone026 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-2015-11-06-064431-i386}

* Update LibreOffice to version 5
* Add feature tabs feature to Webmenu.
* Add back button to Webmenu UI.
* Add Lmms music applicaton to webmenu.
* Change webmenu menu to use yaml as default syntax instead of json. Json also still works. 
* Opening links outside the browsers (Chrome/Chromium as default) will now open them in a new tab
  instead of a new window.
* Add feature to define environment variables by Puavo Tags. ``env:HUMPPA=1 env:LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1``
* Updated Mesa dri. This can be activated by a tag: ``edgers_mesa_dri``.
* Update Xorg Intel and synaptics drivers. To revert to old version use tag: ``trusty_xorg_drivers``.
* Updated Edge kernel to version 4.2.5.opinsys1. (Broadcom wireless not supported).

## 15.43 - Omakone025 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-10-19-081155-i386}

* Add support for Picaxe micro controller
* Fix printing from Tuxpaint by changing the print dialog
* Fix USB 3 power save mode that caused USB devices not to work while using battery power.
* Fix updating network manager setting in laptop installation. Link.

## 15.40 - Omakone024 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-10-02-103400-i386}

* Updated DrRacket programmin ide to version 6.1.
* Updated Geogebra to version 5.0.155
* Add feature to reset changes made in the laptop developer mode from the update apple on the desktop panel.
* Add new tag to set display scaling factor: dconf_scaling_factor:${int}.
* Add package ibus-libpinyin
* Add installation preseed fot laptop model Lenovo e11.
* Add alternative network card driver for Realtek. To use it you need to blacklist the default driver: 

## 15.35 - Omakone023 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-08-28-075550-i386}

* Updated Tuxpaint
* Fix Processing IDE after Java 8 broke it down
* Add keyboard layout applet to the login screen
* Add packages for Gnome 3 Shell
* Add nokeyboard tag to automatically start Onboard virtual keyboard on devices

## 15.33 - Omakone022 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-08-11-112545-i386}

* Basic webbrowser and security updates
* Updated Kdenlive

## 15.27 - Omakone021 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-07-01-060003-i386}

* Basic webbrowser and security updates
* Java 7 updated to Java 8

## 15.15 - Omakone019 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-04-10-093137-i386}

* Add Processing programming IDE
* Add application Simple screen recorder
* Add drivers for the Canon Pixma mg5650 Usb printer
* Add Avogadro chemistry application
* Add nolidsuspend and nosuspend device tags
* Fix desktop panel crash after exiting Unity 3D software. 

## 15.13 - Omakone018 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-03-25-151553-i386}
* [laptop] Fix updating printer information

## 15.9 - Omakone017 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-02-26-141923-i386}
* Add php programming language software
* Security and browser updates

## 15.7 - Omakone016 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-02-13-072902-i386}
* Fix messy Firefox location field on old intel 8xx hardware
* Fix (temporary) UI scaling problem when a TV is used as a computer display (via HDMI/DVI)
## 15.5 - Omakone015 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-01-30-132302-i386}
* [laptop] Fix accessing home/shared folders on the boot server via laptops. Accessing home remote folders on the school bootserver should now work more reliably. Also links to both home and share folder have been added to the users home directory.
* [netboot devices] Add link to shared folders have been added to the users home directory. This enables accessing the shared directories also from e.g. Kde and QT applications.
* Changed Firefox extensions.blocklist.enabled option to false. This removes the automatic blocking of Firefox extensions. Flashblock is already used in the system to prevent unnecessary flash content being run from untrusted websites.
## 15.4 - Omakone014 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2015-01-23-122133-i386.img}
* Update Oracle Java to version 7U75
* Add programming IDE DRRacket
* Changed device registration process. Preseed installation is hidden behind guru mode. This can be accessed by typing text guru next to "Press enter to begin installation" and pressing enter.
## 14.51 - Omakone013 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2014-12-16-160352.img}
* Update Abobe Flash plugin
* Changed default Firefox media plugin (for mp3, mpeg etc.) as vlc-plugin
* Add Calibre ebook application
* Fix Netflix launcher to use Chrome stable and removed user agent spoofing (as netflix now supports Google Chrome also on linux)
* Update Netbeans to version 8
* Add TMC Netbeans plugin needed for Mooc courses offered by the University of Helsinki
## 14.46 - Omakone012 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2014-11-11-100609-i386}
* [netboot devices] Change behaviour of the Puavo xrandr settings. Screenmode settings made by the users are now cleaned up on every login. Persistend xrandr settings can only be made by editing the device at Puavo web interface.
* Fix changing keyboard layout by accident. Keyboard shortcuts to change the keyboard layout on gnome flashback have been disabled due to constant usability problems.
* Add new feature to change the lightdm wallpaper. This can be done by adding school/device tags from the Puavo web interface. For information about the tags see: https://github.com/opinsys/puavo/wiki/Kernel-parameters-and-device-tags
## 14.41 - Omakone011 {#ltsp-opinsysextra-trusty-2014-10-20-114015-i386.img}
* Update Oracle Java to version 7u71
* Update Firefox to version 32
* Set Adobe reader as default pdf reader
* Add programming application Racket
* [thin clients] Fix thin client reboot and shutdown from the desktop
* [laptop] Changed updating laptops when device was booted using the backup image. Previously it was only possible to update the laptop from the primary image. After this change both are supported.