Opinsys Oy

Opinsys OS releases and changes

The following changelog lists Opinsys OS (operating system) releases and changes after the previous version. In addition to the described changes, each release contains the latest security related software updates (for example, updates to the latest web browsers).


## O2147 - Okab {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-11-22-121516-amd64}

- Update Nextcloud desktop client.
- Update Inkscape to newer version.
- Add possibility to install QCAD/CAM community edition via puavo-pkg.
- Fix duplicates in the printer listings by removing them.
- Fix installing packages via package manager in DrRacket IDE.
- Fix symbolic links to users home folder in TI Nspire CX CAS and Logger Pro 3
Windows puavo-pkg applications.
- Fix pasting screenshots to text fields in Chrome (Chrome upstream fix).
- Fix problems in launching Virtual box with default kernel.

### Known issues

### Technical changes

- Fix synchronising Puavo OS images to bootservers in organizations with
large amount of registered devices.
- Fix displaying Smart information of nvme mass storage devices in Puavo OS

## O2143 - Nembus {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-10-26-093541-amd64}

- Update LibreOffice to version 7.0.
- Update Stickfactory to support the newer Abitti version numbers.
- Remove Gnome printers applet that might cause UI hang problems.
- Add Smart information for harddisk to Puavo OS Console hardware information screen.
- Puavo-hardware-test can show smart reports for harddisks.
- Add puavo-pkg installer for Windows Logger Pro 3.
- Add puavo-pkg installer for mindplus.
- Add new puavo-conf (puavo.printing.servers) to manually set printing server.
- Add support for some 11th gen Intel audio devices

### Known issues

### Technical changes


## O2137 - Maia {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-09-17-120102-amd64}

- Renewd printing system with better and unified support for printing rights and Airprint.
- Fix permissions for attaching Vernier USB devices.
- Add ruslav and Sami keyboard layouts available for Gnome settings UI. 
- Add keyboard navigation to puavomenu.
- Add BlueJ as installable puavo-pkg application.
- Add Filius network simulator.

### Known issues

### Technical changes

- Device information of the primary data storage device is sent to device management
- For correct functionality of the new printing system, both the laptops and boot servers
should be updated simultaneously to use this release version.

## O2132 - Lich {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-08-13-090543-amd64}

- Update Robbo programming environment to version 3.
- Add Swedish localization for the support desktop-applet

### Known issues

### Technical changes

- Fix Woeusb (missing dependency added), creation of Windows install media works normally again.
- Fix puavo-bootserver-sync-images -script's management of disk images and torrent files.

## O2123 - Kang {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-06-11-114317-amd64}

MarvinSketch has updated to newer version. From now on, the program requires a separate user-specific license. 
Students can acquire a free license code from MarvinSketch's web page at https://chemaxon.com/products/marvin . 
License is acquired by creating a user account on the page and registering a non-commercial license. After this, the license file
can be downloaded, to be activated on program startup.

- Add Godot Engine development environment in Programming menu
- Fix backup system's icon to be displayed correctly during laptop bootup

### Known issues

### Technical changes

- Add Puavo hardware test -feature, allowing test of physical condition of the device during installation.
Testing is started by booting the computer into Puavo OS Console and typing `test`.
- Add ability to highlight device resolution and model when using Preseed
- Add console mouse support (gpm) to Puavo OS Console.
- Add ability to use puavo-conf to change the web site opened by Puavomenu's Change Password functionality

## O2119 - Jabbah {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-05-12-125757-amd64}

- Add icons for boot modes in the bootmenu (grub).
- Add guide image to bootmenu (grub) to help selecting the bootmode.
- Add support for organization specific MAL lisence for the TI Nspire CX CAS.
- Add support for WPA2 EAP networks (with username / password) into the useraccount registration mode.
- Microsoft Teams updated to version
- Add configuration option to hide elements from the Application Menu sidebar: `puavo.puavomenu.sidebar_hide_elements`.

## O2112 - Hadar {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-03-24-123005-amd64}

- Add Freeplane midmapping application.
- Add new puavo-conf variable ┬┤puavo.wired.nm.shared.enabled┬┤ to enable sharing the internet 
(for example LTE connection on laptop) from the ethernet port.
- Add Veyon ja Epoptes -packages for testing and development purposes.
- Add 
- Update Teams applivation to version
- Fix Flashprint slicer by downgrading the application to latest working version.
- Fix updating menu items when installing additional applications on personal laptops.
- Fix rdiff based laptop updates to continue the download from the point where it
left of in case of reboot or shutdown.
- Fix vpn connection and when doing usb stick installation 
- Change bootmenu (Grub) to use official version numbering of device images instead of
the device image filename.

## O2108 - Gakyid {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-02-25-121821-amd64}

- Add Telegram application.
- Add puavo-pkg package for Signal application. This can be installed by request.
- Fix touchpad usage on laptop touchpads that do not have physical buttons. Basically the 
old default settings (by Gnome) have been.
- Fix 'Your programs' tab in the application menu to discover installed applications better .
than before. Previously the application did not discover application desktop files that where
under subfolders.
- Fix Hadware compatibility with Dell Latitude 3510 and Probook 440 G7 laptops. These device
models had trouble with internal microphone.
- Fix battery capacity coloring in Puavo OS Console.
- Removed Airtame application.
- Update the Current kernel to version 5.10.0-0.bpo.3-amd64.
- Add possibility to add new resolutions to device outputs via puavo.xrandr.extra_modes puavo-conf.
- Add puavo-pkg installer for Discord.

## O2104 - Fomalhaut {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2021-01-27-071357-amd64}

- Update exam room server device mode with automated exam startup.
- Update Mafynetti application
- Remove support for Adobe Flash player
- Fix Abitti compatible exam system to use also the currently official version
numbering of the Abitti system.

## O2050 - Elnath {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2020-12-09-114058-amd64}

- Fix updating the available printers list.
- Fix restoring the screen brightness setting on laptops after reboot.
- Fix launching OpenSCAD
- Fix launching Electron based Appimage applications
- Add support for simultaneus supports for UEFI and Legacy BIOS booting.
- Add support for Otto DIY robots. The Otto Blockly application for programming
the robots is not included in the image, but can be installed via puavo-pkg.

### Known issues

- adm-x11vnc does not run due to security update to the vnc server.

### Technical changes

- Fix puavo-send-monitors to send xml based monitor settings to device management
- Current kernel updated to version 5.9.0-0.bpo.2-amd64
- Add new puavo-pkg installable applications: GDevelop, Microsoft Visual Studio Code,
Otto DIY Blockly application and new arduino libraries for Otto robots.

## O2045 - Deneb {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2020-11-09-120441-amd64}

- Fix displaying network folders (from bootserver/puavobox)on the desktop.
- Fix Virtualbox guest additions
- Fix slow startup of stating the Puavo OS console when installing new devices.

## O2043 - Capella (development release) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2020-10-22-121114-amd64}

- Fix desktop icons
- Fix readability of text in the login screen
- Fix home folder icon at the desktop panel as the same as on the desktop
- Update Cura -3D printing application to version 4.7.1.
- Update Flahforge Flashprint to version 4.4.1.
- Update Arduino Ide to version 1.8.13.
- Update Microroft Teams to version 
- Add new NovoConnect Software -application for NovoCast devices
- Add automatic connection to mobile networks when SIM-card is inserted.
- Add icon for Anton APP to Education menu

### Known issues

- Network folders are not automatically displayed on the desktop. Icon can be activated by
clicking the secondary mouse button on the desktop and selecting ```Settings > Show network folders```.

### Technical changes

- Fix grub update from Stretch to Buster so that computer cannot be turned off/restarted during update
- Fix HP Elitebook 840 G3 3G modem udev rules
- Fix jetpipe fuctionality
- Update openboard to version 1.5.4
- Add "reset to factory default" function to the laptop settings
- Add better hardware support for HP Probook 440 G7
- Add "login as existing user" functionality to personal laptop registration tool
- Add packages wavemon, espeak-ng ja iotop.
- Change puavomenu category texts to non-italic font
- Change Realtek ethernet cards to prefer r8169 driver instead of r8168.
- Change Super tux cart as installable via puavo-pkg
- Remove Extreme tux racer to save space on the image

## O2035 - Betelgeuze (development release) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2020-08-25-121648-amd64}

- Fix missing icons in the menu
- Fix missing finnish translation to the theme selection settings
- Update openboard to version 1.5.4
- Add "reset to factory default" function to the laptop settings
- Add better hardware support for HP Probook 440 G7
- Add "login as existing user" functionality to personal laptop registration tool

### Known issues

- Kojo-programming environment does not launch

### Technical changes

- Set wine-development as the defalt Wine in the system
- Fixed desktop files created by Google Chrome (~(.local/share/applications/)
- removed reboot countdown from the darkdm
- Fixed pxe booting unregistered devices when organizations desktop image cannot 
be found on the bootserver.

## O2025 - Absolutno (development release) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-buster-2020-06-18-055608-amd64}

This is the first version of the upcoming Opinsys OS.
This version is still a development version, thus it may
lack some things and for example the user interface might still
undergo some small changes.  This release is however mostly
stable and is safe to use.  The devices using this release
are under normal maintainance and it is possible to update
them automatically to newer releases.

### Known issues

- Missing/faulty application icons in menu
- Selecting dark theme does not select the corresponding dark icon theme
- "Show desktop" icon can be broken depending on the  icon theme
- Kojo-programming application does not launch

### Technical changes

  - moved on to using Debian "Buster"-version
  - using Linux kernel 4.19 by default
  - most software has been updated
  - and a whole lot more...