Opinsys Oy

Opinsys OS releases and changes

The following changelog lists Opinsys OS (operating system) releases and changes after the previous version. In addition to the described changes, each release contains the latest security related software updates (for example, updates to the latest web browsers).

## O2243 - Flavia Solva {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-10-27-093643-amd64}
- Update: Libreoffice to version

New additionally installable application pyscrlink makes it possible to programs
different kind of educational robots with Scratch IDE. The application can be installed
via puavo-pkg which will add a "Scratch Link" launcher into the Programming menu.

- Update: Gnome network displays is updated to a newer version

### Known problems

### Technical changes

- Add: Return Filius application to the image
- Update: Trigger puavo-pkg package updates when checking configuration
- Add: System info collector sends info if device has UEFI installation
- Add: puavo-bootserver-sync-images and puavo-make-install-disk support bash completion
- Add: Printer details are automatically updated to puavo
- Update: Freeradius configuration changes
- Fix: German translation of Puavo-Veyon applet
- Fix: Make the system image smaller by removing unused/unnecessary locale and documentation files
## O2240 - Eburacum {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-10-06-105238-amd64}

- Update: Lazarus IDE to version 2.2
Veyon integration has several fixes and updates. Changing the network during the desktop session 
does not prevent joining a Veyon session. Previously a login/logout was required to fix it. This update also 
changes the needed device configuration. From now on the Veyon session type (master/client)
is defined by user type. By default teacher becomes veyon master and student becomes client. Another
new feature is the possibility to invite users by their user group to join the Veyon session.

Progressive Web Applications can now be centrally activated/installed via Opinsys helpdesk or by using
`puavo.www.chromium.pwa.forcelist` puavo-conf variable. Applications are installed after making the required
setting and starting up the Chrome browser. A launcher for the application is installed to `Menu > Your programs`

- Add: Noto Color Emoji -fonts.

### Known problems
- Puavo-Veyon-Applet uses Finnish translations in German desktop sessions.

### Technical changes

- Update: Grub version 2.06-3~deb11u2
- Add: puavo-firmware package is installed by default
- Fix: Support for jetpipe printing
- Fix: Small changes to puavo-disk-erase tool
- Fix: Virtualbox update fixes possible instability problems with high io load.

## O2236 - Durocortorum {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-09-08-105038-amd64}

Celestia-application is now installed by default.

Search functionality in Google Earth now actually works and it centers
the map to the search target.

The menu icons (eg. Tools menu) are now correctly displayed.

There are several small fixes to Veyon integration in this update. First of all the
UI of Veyon Master is cleaner and it automatically displays the student computers. 
The screen update frame rate has been changed to create less network traffic and make it
more responsive. Also having several simultaneous Veyon servers do not interfere each other.

### Known problems

### Technical changes

- Add: Users menu has been disabled from the System settings
- Add: Bootservers now have support for Radius server
- Fix: Guest-accounts now obey the devices puavo-conf language settings

## O2232 - Cantabrigia {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-08-08-150020-amd64}  

Mirroring displays via Miracast is now possible by using Gnome Network Displays application.
Application is available by selecting `Menu > Accessories > Gnome Network Displays`

EShare can be installed by admins via puavo-pkg or by asking it from our helpdesk.

There has been constant problems with network printing on laptops that have been suspended
and used in different networks. It is possible that there is now a fix for this problem which
is difficult to reproduce and solve. 

### Known problems

### Technical changes

- Add: Wireguard-tools package has been added to the system
- Add: New packages: flameshot, git-gui ja gitk
- Add: puavo-change-hostname tool has been added to make it easier to change laptop/bootserver hostname
- Fix: HP 3G modem (id 03f0:0c51) will be disable automatically via hwquirk as it is misbehaving and causing various problems

## O2224 - Barcino {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-06-16-122820-amd64}  
Cryptomator can be installed by admins via puavo-pkg or by asking it from helpdesk.

- Fix: Disappearing desktop panel after combination of fullscreen video and suspend

- Fix: Chrome and Chromium browsers Single sign-on (SSO) support

- Fix: Exam servers (puavo-ers) exam file handling has been improved

### Known Problems

### Technical changes

- Add: puavo-test-hardware automatic testing improved
- Add: Chinese hanyu pinyin keyboard layout.
- Add: Handbrake application 
- Fix: Removed old printing system configurations

## O2219 - Argentoratum {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bullseye-2022-05-17-091102-amd64}

This is the first release of Opinsys OS image series, based on the Debian GNU/Linux 11 Bullseye. 
This is a major update version bringing new features as well as basic level updates to the whole
system. The major changes are:
- All the applications are updated to newer versions
- Integrated Veyon classroom management application
- Better hardware support for newer computer models and peripherals.
- Automatically delete home directories of removed users (turned on by default)

### Known problems
- The desktop panel may dissappear when screen is locked / computer is suspended
during fullscreen video playback (for example Youtube, Netflix etc.).

### Technical changes