Opinsys Oy

Opinsys OS releases and changes

The following changelog lists Opinsys OS (operating system) releases and changes after the previous version. In addition to the described changes, each release contains the latest security related software updates (for example, updates to the latest web browsers).

## O2415 - Einsteinium (DEVELOPMENT VERSION) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bookworm-2024-04-11-120504-amd64}

   It is now possible to use the PASCO physics measuring devices with PASCO's new browser-based SparkVUE
   using the application. The application runs on Google's Chrome browser and can be found at
   https://sparkvue.pasco.com/ . Depending on the measuring device, it can be used either with Bluetooth or
   USB connection. You can find out the compatibility of your device on PASCO's product sites.
   In the future, Google Chrome and Chromium browsers have Web bluetooth functionality available by default.
   In practice, this means that for example Vernier or programmable Lego SPIKE devices work out of the box 
   with on their own web apps (e.g. https://graphicalanalysis.app/). No user made settings are required anymore.
   A desktop theme has been updated and thus the quick settings menu has improved functionality. 
   Now the selection of Bluetooth, Wlan, and audio devices is easier and can be done directly from the menu.
### Known issues
- SSO does not work on Google's Chromium/Chrome browsers in a situation where a browser is used with a certain username
 for the first time. The problem is solved when the page refreshes again. 

### Technical changes

- Add: In the future, Abitti test servers will collect Munin device statistics data about e.g. server load.
- Change: Local Nextcloud functionality developed further and fixes made.
- Add: Added udev rules, e.g. For Lego, PASCO and Microbit USB devices, so that the user has write permissions
of their programming environments.

## O2412 - Dubnium (DEVELOPMENT VERSION) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bookworm-2024-03-18-105133-amd64}

   These applications can be installed centrally from the organization's device management.

### Known issues

### Technical changes

- Addition: Naksu/YO trial mode can be activated with ```puavo.ers.mode = naksu``` -puavo-conf.
- Fix: On a dualboot laptop, Windows might not have booted if the device had a USB stick connected. The problem is now fixed.
- Addition: Puavo-pkg installations will be automatically cleaned from devices if the installed package is not
   no longer defined with puavo-conf.
- Change: The operation of Kerberos has been changed so that, for example Single-Sign-On to the Nextcloud on local boot server is now possible.

## O2406 - Cesium - (DEVELOPMENT VERSION) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bookworm-2024-02-09-112427-amd64}

  Kantti is an educational game in Visual Novel format intended for education about for substance abuse and mental health.
  It is available as separately installable puavo-pkg package and can be launched after installation from ```Menu > Games > Kantti```.
  Windows installation on dualboot laptop can now be resetted to factory settings via Laptop settings on the desktop or when resetting the
  device from the Puavo Web device registry.
  In Webkiosk-device profile Web browser is now in fullscreen by default in active session timeout can be changed by device configuration.
  From now on the School specific links under the bootservers shared folders are displayed based on the schools the server is limited to 
  at the Puavo web device configuration.

### Known problems

### Technical changes

- Add: New puavo-conf ```puavo.grub.timeout``` makes it possible to customize the time the menu is show on device boot. If the value is set to 
```0```, the menu will not be displayed.

## O2402 - Berkeelium - (DEVELOPMENT VERSION) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bookworm-2024-01-09-111411-amd64}

- Fix: The language selection interface of the Webkiosk guest session has been improved and its operation has been fixed. In addition, German language has been added as a new language to the language selection.
- Fix: The operation of the test server has been corrected to comply with the latest Abit, so that students' test sessions are not interrupted until the tests have actually been decided.
- Addition: Added support for Microsoft Surface Go devices (eg camera), separate Crisp kernel.

### Known problems

### Technical changes

- Change: When resetting machine devices to factory settings, the so-called default is used in every situation. secure deletion. If the device has an SSD disk, remove it using the discard/trim functionality and overwrite the files on HDD hard disks.
- Addition: ``faketime'' and ``psensor'' packages.

## O2349 Aluminum - (DEVELOPMENT VERSION) {#opinsys-os-opinsys-bookworm-2023-12-05-084357-amd64}

This is the first release of the new major version of Opinsys OS, 
based on the Debian GNU/Linux 12 Bookworm distribution.

This release is still a development version still showing some bugs and
unfinished features. For example the user interface might still
undergo some small changes. These features will be fixed in upcoming releases.

This release is however mostly stable and is safe to use. The devices 
using this release are under normal maintainance and it is possible to update
them automatically to newer releases.